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Heating System Tune-ups: Why You Need One Now

Heating System Tune-up maine

As we head along to summer at full speed here in the Seacoast region, the last thing we’re thinking about is winter.

But taking some time now will help you save energy, money, and hassle. And it’s easy. All you have to do is schedule the annual tune-up for your home’s heating system now!

Having your furnace or boiler serviced now makes sense for a few reasons.

Right now, our service schedule is more flexible. That gives you the opportunity to arrange to have the tune-up on a day and time that works best with your schedule.

By taking care of your furnace or boiler tune-up now, you don’t have to try and get it done ahead of heating season, when demand for service is greater. Your heating system will be ready to go even if there is an early cold snap, which is definitely possible in our neck of the woods.

This tune-up gives our service technicians an opportunity for a close-up look at your heating system. If there are any problems, it’s easier to get the repairs done. And if our technicians see that your furnace or boiler is nearing the end of its lifespan, we can help you start planning for an upgrade.

Why does my heating system need a tune-up?

Having an annual maintenance tune-up on your furnace or boiler is important.

First, it helps your system stay running at its peak efficiency. You’ll use less fuel to keep your home warm, safe, and comfortable. Less fuel means lower heating bills!

As we said earlier, tune-ups let us catch problems and repair them. That helps prevent breakdowns, no-heat emergencies, and bigger repair bills.

An annual tune-up may be required keep your heating system’s warranty in effect.

Want to save money on taking care of your home heating system? Enroll in one of our service plans! It covers the annual maintenance tune-up and can help you save money on any needed repairs. We offer service plans for both oil-fired and propane heating systems.

Contact us today to schedule your heating system tune-up. And don’t forget to ask about our service plans!