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Why Get a Service Plan?

heating service plans in Maine or New HampshireThe average cost to install a new furnace is $4,341 and repairs average $288. Installing a new boiler averages $5,715 with repairs averaging $371. A central air conditioner’s average installation cost is $5,501 and the average cost of repairs is $357. Installing a water heater comes with an average price tag of $1,026 and repairs average $570.

Those are some pretty good size chunks of change. You know what isn’t expensive? The peace of mind that comes with equipment service plans from P. Gagnon & Son!

Unfortunately, too many people take a gamble that they’ll continue to have good luck with their furnace, boiler, air conditioning or water heater. Then they call us when that gamble loses in the form of something like a blown motor on the furnace or no hot water.

For just a few dollars a month, you can protect your heater, boiler and water heater, and protect yourself from the unexpected expenses that come with repairs.

All of our service plans for both heating oil and propane equipment include an annual tune-up. This maintenance helps keep your equipment running at peak efficiency, lets our trained and experienced service technicians spot problems before they become big repair jobs, and help keep your equipment’s warranty in effect. The plans also include parts and labor for some repairs, priority emergency service, and annual loyalty credits.

Our Total Comfort Plans go above and beyond. In addition to the annual tune-up, priority service and loyalty credits, you also get no charge for parts and labor on around 100 repairs, no diagnostic fee, and no after-hours charge for no-heat emergencies that happen outside regular business hours.

These benefits can save you hundreds of dollars if you need repairs for your furnace or boiler. And they also save you money by making sure you get the maintenance that helps prevent many breakdowns and repairs.

We also offer additional coverage for both oil and propane water heaters, and aboveground heating oil tanks.

Protect your investment in your Seacoast region home in Maine or New Hampshire with a service plan from P. Gagnon & Son! Contact us today to learn more.