Which Pricing Plan Is Right for You?

Which Pricing Plan Is Right for You?

Mark Gagnon

Mark explains the ins and outs of choosing one of our pricing programs.

Heating oil prices continue to be volatile — yet prices remain much lower than they were a few years ago.

However, such unpredictability does present challenges for customers renewing their pricing plan. Depending on where prices stood when you enrolled, it’s possible that later on you may feel as though you could have made a better choice.

If you’re unsure about which pricing plan is right for you, please call us and we will do our best to help. We usually advise customers to stick with their current pricing program, because chances are that things will average out — no matter what plan you have. Remember, price contracts give you cost certainty and may not always save you money!

Note: By this time, you’ve probably received our mailing about our pricing options, including the SimplePay price cap plan. Go to review our Price Protection page and request enrollment.