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When is the best time to buy heating oil?

heating oil delivery
Summer isn’t typically a time when you’re thinking a whole lot about buying heating oil – but maybe you should be, especially this year.

As it happens, heating oil prices are currently down about 20 percent from where they were last year at this time. In large part that’s due to changes in the unpredictable – and often volatile – global market for oil…but low offseason demand for fuel also helps.

Taming unpredictability with P. Gagnon Price Protection

Since so many unpredictable factors influence the price of heating oil, you need some way to keep unwanted heating bill surprises to a minimum.

That’s why P. Gagnon & Son offers Price Protection options to help keep your heating oil bills off the rollercoaster.

Our Price Protection options include:

  • SimplePay/Price Cap: Your price can move in no direction but down, and your bills are broken down into as many as 12 level, more manageable, chunks. You’re protected no matter what direction the oil markets move. *
  • PrePay/Price Cap: Write us one check and oil bills are over with. Like the option above, you pay our lowest cash price or your capped price, whatever is lowest. *
  • Flex Plan: We know everyone doesn’t want Price Protection, but everyone likes to save money. Pay up front for the whole season and you’ll receive a 25-cent discount from our posted price. Price floats with the market.
  • Fixed Price: Pay for the whole year, get it over with, and your price will not change, no matter what.
  • SimplePay without price cap is available as well. Price also floats with the market but you always get our 20-cent per gallon prompt payment discount.

Three more ways to save money on your heating bills

If the name of the game is saving money on your heating bills, there are many ways to do it (including making your home more efficient, which we will talk about in future blogs). For now, remember to:

  • Stay organized. Avoid purchasing your heating oil at the last minute, in case we can’t get to you immediately. With Automatic Oil Delivery from P. Gagnon & Son, you’ll avoid this problem altogether.
  • Maintain your heating equipment. Professionally serviced heating equipment uses less heating oil while providing more comfort and better performance. Keeping up with annual tune-ups also means your heating equipment will run more reliably through the long Southern Maine and Seacoast, New Hampshire winter.
  • Upgrade old heating equipment before heating season starts. The efficiency of oil-fired heating equipment drops considerably over the course of its lifetime; in fact, a 12- to 15-year-old oil fired system could be running at less than two-thirds the efficiency of a new system. If your heating system is well into its second decade, it pays to upgrade.

Need propane for your Maine or New Hampshire home? Contact us today to become a P. Gagnon customer. You’ll get the most reliable heating oil delivery service in our service area, plus expert service for your oil-fired heating equipment.

*A cap fee is required.