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What Do I Do If I Have No Heat in the House?

No heat - broken thermostat

Posted: September 28, 2017

It happens sometimes: you turn on your home heating system and…nothing.

Don’t worry, our expert technicians will always be there to take care of you in a no-heat emergency. But before you pick up the phone, it pays to take a few minutes to troubleshoot your problem to see if a simple fix might be in order (it’s not that we don’t want to help – we just want to save you the hassle and expense of an unnecessary service call).

Here are a few things to looking into before calling for service:

  • Check the fuel level in your tank.
  • Ensure that all switches associated with the unit are set for “on” or “start.”
  • Check the circuit breaker that controls your heating system and re-set it if it has been tripped.
  • Make sure your thermostat is set for five degrees warmer than the current room temperature, and that it is set to the “heat” or “warm” setting. Please note: if you have a forced air system (a heating systems with vents rather than baseboards and radiators) and the fan doesn’t go on, if could mean that your burner isn’t igniting, which requires service.
  • Please make sure to press the reset button on the burner only once.

If your heating system still isn’t working after following these steps, please contact us for service right away – we’ll get your heat going again as soon as possible.