What Cleaner Fuel Means for You

What Cleaner Fuel Means for You

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Did you know that all heating oil delivered in Maine must now contain an ultra-low level of sulfur content?

This commitment by the heating oil industry, in partnership with our state government, means that oil heat customers will experience some very significant benefits now and into the future: Reduced sulfur content means cleaner-burning fuel that’s kinder to your equipment. There’s less sediment, fewer clogs and far fewer breakdowns.

In short, ultra-low-sulfur heating oil burns more efficiently, helping you keep costs down and giving you more value per gallon.

Additionally, our heating oil typically includes Bioheat®, a blend of traditional home heating oil and biodiesel. This is a highly refined, clean-burning fuel made from renewable sources. It’s another important part of our commitment to bringing the cleanest energy possible into your home.