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Upgrade Your Old Heating System

Get comfort and efficiency with P. Gagnon & Son!

hvac upgrade Wells, me We get that with spring weather finally here, the last thing you want to think about is your home’s furnace or boiler.

However, taking the time now can make your life easier and help you save money for years to come. This is an optimal time to upgrade to a new home heating system with P. Gagnon & Son!

This time of year, our schedule is more flexible as heating system is over and demand for air conditioning services has not ramped up yet. You’ll be able to get the work done faster and easier.

Signs you need a new heating system

At P. Gagnon & Son, we believe that replacing your boiler or furnace should only be done if it’s absolutely necessary. There is no need to replace something simply because of its age. However, we’ll let you know immediately if a new system is the best option for you.

We believe in providing you with a transparent assessment of your needs and will be glad to provide you with a FREE estimate. Our team is here for you every step along the way, including helping you determine which heating system best suits your home and budget, securing rebates, installing it effectively and offering service plans that are both practical and affordable. With us on board, we’ll make sure that your new heating system remains in optimal condition!

If replacing your boiler or furnace is the best path forward, then it’s better to do so now rather than later. That way, you’ll have a new high-efficiency model ready and running when winter finally hits!
Before investing in a new heating system for your home, there are multiple elements to consider. Following is an overview of the most pertinent factors.

The age of your heating system. If your furnace or boiler has been around for 10 years, it’s probably time to consider replacing it – after all, you don’t want a poorly maintained heating system unexpectedly malfunctioning and leaving you in the cold during wintertime.

Increasing repair bills. As your boiler or furnace get older, the need for repairs starts to become increasingly frequent and costly. If you don’t maintain them properly, this process could happen much faster than anticipated. Investing in further repairs for your heating system could be a case of throwing good money after bad. A good rule of thumb is that if the repair costs exceed half the price of replacing your heating system, then replacement may be a better option long-term with regard to comfort, energy bills and boosting your home’s value.

Your heating system’s efficiency. With age, furnaces and boilers become drastically less efficient. In fact, he efficiency of your heating system could even drop as low as 60%! This is especially possible if your heating system has not been properly maintained. Put simply, for every dollar you invest in propane or heating oil, 40 cents are wasted while a mere 60 cents go toward actually warming your home. Not only will you reap the advantages of energy efficiency with a modern heating system, but it can save you money in the long run! You could enjoy up to 98% efficiency, which means much lower energy bills. With this newfound financial freedom, you’ll be able to appreciate these reduced costs for many years ahead.

Now is a great time to replace the heating system in your Seacoast Region home! Contact P. Gagnon & Son today to learn more.