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Propane and Thunderstorms: Safety Tips

Keep your home and loved ones safe

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While the calendar says it’s autumn, there is still a risk of stormy weather here in the Seacoast Region. Hurricane season is still on and goes until the end of October.

P. Gagnon & Son wants to be sure that you, our neighbors, know what to do when it comes to your home’s propane supply and appliances in thunderstorms, so we’ve put together these tips.

Before a storm

Keep an eye out for any propane leaks, which may be detected by the smell of rotten eggs. Leaks that are minor could get worse during storms, posing a hazard.

Make sure that all adults in your home know how to shut off the gas main at your propane tank. It must be done if you need to evacuate your house. Shutting down the gas main prevents damaged tanks from leaking and igniting, which can happen if they’re not turned off.

During a storm

To avoid being near wires and other conductive metal things, stay inside during a storm. During a thunderstorm, metal objects and structures can be dangerous. If you’re out and about during a thunderstorm, don’t go beneath trees or poles since they may serve as lightning rods and cause injury or death. If an evacuation is ordered by local authorities, pay attention for instructions.

After a storm

When it’s safe to do so, go outside and check for fallen trees, limb limbs or damaged power lines that might pose a threat to your propane tank or gas line. Keep an eye on the surrounding area for potential hazards.

Examine your propane equipment carefully for any damage or malfunctions. Also, don’t use candles while checking your propane equipment. A burning candle might cause a leak to ignite.

P. Gagnon & Son will come promptly if you suspect that your propane tank or gas line has been damaged. Our experts will check and test your equipment to ensure it is safe to use.

If you smell gas, follow our propane safety instructions.

P. Gagnon & Son is committed to safe propane delivery and service. Contact us with any questions you have about propane safety.