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Auto Pay, Paperless Billing, and Online Bill Pay

3 Ways to Make Life Easier

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It’s spring cleaning time, something else we can do now that we’re staying home more.

Once we’ve done the cleaning and decluttering, a way we can keep our homes neat and clean is by reducing paper clutter.

P. Gagnon & Son can help with that and make your life easier, with Auto Pay, paperless billing and online bill pay. And we also reward you for it! Here’s how it works.

Auto Pay

When you enroll in Auto Pay, your work is done. Really! Your monthly payments are automatically deducted from your credit card or checking account. Not only do you get peace of mind that your bill will always be paid on time, you get a $20 account credit when you enroll as our thanks to you!

Paperless billing

Paper clutter is often the hardest thing to deal with when it comes to getting your home and life more organized. How often does your dining table become a dumping ground for the mail, creating a small mountain by the end of the week?

You can reduce the amount of paper coming into your home by signing up for paperless billing! Instead of a paper bill coming into your home to add to that pile on the dining table, your bill comes to you through email. You’ll always be able to find it, and that makes it easy to pay your bill.

Another benefit? We’ll give you a $10 account credit when you enroll!

Online bill pay

When you pay your bill the old school way of writing a check and dropping it in the mail, it takes time and hassle. First you must find your bill, then your checkbook. Write the check, find a stamp, mail the check and hope it gets there on time.

But you can pay your bill any time of day or night with our online bill pay through your online P. Gagnon & Son account! Just sign in and you can pay your bill right there, easy as pie!

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