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Three Benefits of Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil

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Posted: December 11, 2017

Want a more environmentally friendly way to keep your Seacoast-area home warm this heating season?

Guess what: You already have it.

The heating oil you buy from P. Gagnon & Son is an ultra-low sulfur blend (ULSHO) – a fuel that’s better for the environment than natural gas and much better than heating oils of the past.

Compared to other home heating fuels, ULSHO:

  • Burns cleaner – Ultra-low-sulfur heating oil is the cleanest ever produced, emitting next to zero particulates. Burning ULSHO also cuts sulfur dioxide emissions by 75 percent and nitrous oxide emissions by 10 percent compared to yesterday’s heating oil.
  • Improves heating efficiency – ULSHO reduces sooting and scaling compared to regular heating oil – which means more you’ll get more heat in your house and less lost up your chimney. As for natural gas, you’d have to burn about 40 percent more of it to receive the equivalent heating benefit of ULSHO heating oil.
  • Increases equipment life – Cleaner fuel also means less gunk on heat exchangers, which means less maintenance and a longer life for your equipment.

The bottom line: USLSHO heating oil is the clean home heating alternative!

For reliable delivery of clean, green ULSHO heating oil in Southern Maine and New Hampshire, no one beats P. Gagnon & Son. Contact us today to start your heating oil delivery with us!