The Oil in Your Tank Burns Cleaner

The Oil in Your Tank Burns Cleaner

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Advances in refining processes have produced ultra-low-sulfur heating oil that is better for customers in many ways.

Heating oil is already more efficient than natural gas — particularly in areas with long, cold winters like the ones we have. You would need to burn 40% more natural gas to generate the same amount of heat as heating oil.

But cleaner oil burns even more efficiently — helping to keep heating costs down. It’s also kinder to your heating system: Less sulfur means less buildup in your equipment and lower maintenance costs for you.

And, of course, cleaner-burning fuel is better for the environment. Ultra-lowsulfur heating oil is the cleanest ever, producing almost zero particulates. All heating oil delivered in the State of Maine will have ultra-low sulfur starting in July. We’ve been delivering clean-burning biofuel to our customers for a while, and we’re proud to be able to offer you an even cleaner fuel going forward.