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The Importance of Keeping Heating Oil in Your Tank

Heating oil tank indicator

Posted: May 10, 2018

You probably don’t think very much about your heating oil tank while it sits idle during the spring and summer, but there are at least two things you should do to make sure it doesn’t create a problem for you down the road.

The first and most obvious of these things is to be proactive by getting your annual heating system service out of the way; the second is to keep your heating oil tank at least half full.

Why is it important to keep fuel in your tank? The simple answer is that heating oil tanks don’t like water, and a tank that contains more air than fuel is more likely to accumulate condensation (water) on its interior walls as temperatures vary throughout the offseason.

This condensation creates two big problems for your heating oil tank: first, it encourages bacteria growth in your fuel, which will eventually transform your heating oil into a system-jamming, efficiency-robbing sludge. Second, accumulated moisture will eventually corrode your tank from the inside out – a problem you won’t see coming (unless you have TankSure® protection, which we highly recommend), and one that could lead to a costly tank failure.

The bottom line: Condensation is the enemy of a healthy heating oil tank, and keeping that tank at least half full during the offseason is one of the best ways to prevent it from forming. Topping off your tank now could also be a good way to save some money, since heating oil prices are often at their lowest during the offseason.

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