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Summer isn’t typically a time when you’re thinking a whole lot about buying heating oil – but maybe you should be, especially this year.

As it happens, heating oil prices are currently down about 20 percent from where they were last year at this time. In large part that’s due to changes in the unpredictable – and often volatile – global market for oil…but low offseason demand for fuel also helps.

Taming unpredictability with P. Gagnon Price Protection

Since so many unpredictable factors influence the price of heating oil, you need some way to keep unwanted heating bill surprises to a minimum.

That’s why P. Gagnon & Son offers Price Protection options to help keep your heating oil bills off the rollercoaster.

Our Price Protection options include:

Three more ways to save money on your heating bills

If the name of the game is saving money on your heating bills, there are many ways to do it (including making your home more efficient, which we will talk about in future blogs). For now, remember to:

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