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Summer’s Coming – Time To Think About…Your Furnace?

Posted: May 15, 2017

Even though summer is approaching, this may be the best time of the year to think about upgrading your home heating system.

That’s because Efficiency Maine’s great rebates on new, high-efficiency propane furnaces (and water heaters) are due to expire on June 15. These rebates can save you up to $500 on a new system, thanks to the PGANE* Safe Water Heater and Central Heating Rebate Program.

If you have an old oil- or electricity-fired furnace, you could qualify for a great savings on equipment that could take a big bite out of your monthly bills – so contact us today to get the ball rolling (our experts can also fill you in on any other cost-saving specials available through Efficiency Maine, including energy assessments, air sealing, and more)!

Contact us today to take advantage of great rebates on a new, high efficiency propane furnace or propane water heater for your Maine home, but hurry – rebates expire June 15!