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Summer Propane Maintenance

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Posted: May 31, 2018

Summer’s almost here, and according to experts it’s going to be a doozy (if you have yet to schedule your annual A/C maintenance, do it soon – you’re going to need it!).

But summer is also a great time to service your hard-working heating equipment and appliances. The question is, which equipment should be serviced and when?

Here’s a quick guide to help you plan your propane maintenance in the months to come:

  • For appliances that are used primarily in one season: For equipment like your furnace or boiler, you want to be sure that annual service is completed before their period of intense use begins; you don’t want is to discover a heating system problem in the dead of winter, for example. This is why early summer is the perfect time to schedule heating equipment maintenance – you’ll beat the late summer / early fall crowds, get an appointment time that works for you and avoid most in-season problems and repairs.
  • For appliances in year-round use: Although equipment that is used year-round (such as your water heater) can be serviced any time, it’s best to try to set aside one month to schedule all your maintenance appointments; this minimizes disruption for your family’s routines and visits by our technicians.

Summer is a great time to schedule a tune-up for just about any type of home comfort equipment – you’ll beat the pre-fall rush and find an appointment time that fits your busy schedule.

P. Gagnon & Son has high-value service plans – which include a tune-up – available for your propane– or heating oil-fired home comfort equipment – contact us today to schedule your service visit!