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Summer Heating Oil Tank Maintenance Tips

oil tank care maine

Make sure your tank is running safely and properly

It’s summer here in the Seacoast region, and dollars to doughnuts you don’t want to be thinking about winter. You want to be outside, at the beach, camping, hanging out at home either out in the back yard or indoors with the air conditioning.

But summer, sadly, doesn’t last forever. Heating season will be with us soon. Is your heating oil tank in good shape?

If you don’t know the answer, you have some work to do. Here are four things to take care of your heating oil tank over the summer so you know it will be ready when your home heating system needs it.

Inspect your heating oil tank

The first thing to do is to head down to the basement or go outside and carefully inspect your heating oil tank. Here’s what to do:

  • Check the tank legs and make sure they are not missing, rusted, buckled, or bent.
  • Make sure the leg brackets are not cracked or separating from the tank.
  • Check the platform of the tank to make sure that it isn’t cracked or deformed.
  • Look for signs of rust.
  • Run your hands over the tank and connectors to detect warps, dents, weeping, or wet spots.

Get TankSure®

Our TankSure tank protection program helps you keep your heating oil tank in good shape with an annual tank inspection and protection against corrosion. You also get a $1,000 tank replacement warranty.

Schedule a heating oil delivery

A full heating oil tank is one of the best ways to protect your tank. Why? Because condensation develops on the walls of the empty part of your tank, especially in warm and hot weather. That condensation eventually drips off the wall and sinks to the bottom of your tank, where it develops sediment that can lead to corrosion of your tank. When your tank is full, condensation is largely thwarted. So, fill your tank now to protect it.

And, while you’re at it, enroll in Automatic Delivery. You’ll have peace of mind knowing we’re on top of your heating oil usage and will schedule a delivery to your home before you run low.

Have your heating oil tank professionally inspected

Performing your own inspection of your heating oil tank is a good start, but not enough. Most heating oil tanks corrode from the inside out, so you won’t see it until your tank is in danger of failing. Professional oil tank testing gives you the heads-up if your tank is showing signs of corrosion.

Heating season is just around the corner! Fill your heating oil tank now to be ready when it arrives.