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What To Do For Your Heater In The Spring

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heating repair new hampshireAs Spring takes hold here in the Seacoast region, your home’s heating system is getting closer to its vacation. But before you go from sweaters to sandals, there are some things to do for your furnace or boiler to keep it running smoothly now and in heating seasons to come.

The most important thing you need to do is get your heating system its annual maintenance tune-up. This gives our trained, experienced service technicians the opportunity to get your heating system running at its peak efficiency, which helps you save money on energy costs. While there, they also can spot problems and fix them before they become worse, and thus more expensive to fix.

Another advantage of having your tune-up now is the ease of scheduling. Later in the spring, our schedule fills up for air conditioning services and repairs. Having your furnace or boiler tune-up done now means you’ll be more able to make the appointment for when it best suits your schedule.

Now is also a good time to enroll in one of our service plans for your heating system. They’ll help you save on both maintenance and repairs!

Pay Attention To Your Heating System

With all the work your furnace or boiler has had to do this winter, it may have developed some problems. If you keep an eye out for the following issues, getting them fixed now can avoid a breakdown and costlier repairs later. Contact us right away if any of these problems crop up.

  1. Heated air is not coming through your vents.
  2. Your pilot light, if you have one, is yellow.
  3. You are using the same amount of fuel, but your fuel bills are noticeably higher.
  4. You hear grinding or banging sounds when your heat is running.
  5. Your baseboards will not heat up.
  6. Your system will not stay on or doesn’t turn on at all.
  7. Your system will not turn off.

Fill Your Oil Tank

If you use oil heat, you may finish the heating season with whatever oil is in your tank, then plan to get a fill-up in the fall. That’s a bad idea. Lots of empty space in your heating oil tank is an open invitation for condensation to develop on the bare walls inside the tank. That condensation drips off and sinks to the bottom of the tank, where it creates an ideal environment for the beginnings of corrosion in your tank.

But by filling your heating oil tank now, you don’t give condensation a chance to develop. Your heating oil tank is protected and will last longer. You also have peace of mind knowing that whenever the first cold snap hits next fall, you’ll have enough heating oil to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Make life easier by getting your heating system tune-up done in the spring. Contact us today to schedule it!