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Six Reasons You Should Trust P. Gagnon & Son

fuel service provider maineIf you’re looking for a heating oil , HVAC and propane services provider in the Seacoast region of southern Maine and New Hampshire, check out P. Gagnon & Son.

What makes P. Gagnon & Son stand out ahead of all of the other fuel providers in our area? We’ll show you six ways.

  1. We’re local. When you choose P. Gagnon & Son for your fuel and HVAC services, you are working with a locally based company. We know the area. You aren’t just customers; you’re our neighbors. And by using a locally owned and locally operated business, more of your fuel dollars stay right here, supporting local workers and their families.
  2. We have a history. How many businesses in our area have been around since Teddy Roosevelt was president? While the products, services and service area P. Gagnon & So offer have grown and evolved over the last century or so, the values that have kept us in business all this time remain firm. We provide quality fuels at fair prices and offer the outstanding, courteous service to our customers.
  3. We put your safety first. P. Gagnon & Son carefully vet our service technicians and delivery team members before hiring. And once they’re on the job, they are highly trained in all things related to the safe delivery of heating oil and propane, and safety in servicing your equipment.
  4. We have nothing to hide. When it comes to pricing for heating oil delivery, propane delivery and HVAC equipment services, we believe in fairness and transparency. We don’t do hidden fees or bait-and-switch pricing.
  5. We are reliable. If you have a fuel delivery scheduled, or an appointment for service of your HVAC equipment, P. Gagnon & Son is there for you. Whatever the weather, we offer emergency fuel delivery and equipment service 24/7 365 days a year.
  6. We help you save money. With price protections and payment options for your heating oil and propane, and affordable service plans for your HVAC equipment, P Gagnon & Son helps you manage your fuel and HVAC costs. Our comfort experts have the knowledge and experience to help you find ways to save money on your heating, air conditioning and HVAC costs.

Become a P. Gagnon & Son customer and get all the benefits of a local, dependable fuel services provider!