Seeing Some Light After a Dark Year

Seeing Some Light After a Dark Year

Mark Gagnon

Dear Friends,

As I write to you, we are marking the one-year anniversary of COVID-19 being declared a pandemic. Right after that, the widespread lockdowns of schools, workplaces and other gathering places began.

Even though we have no idea when the pandemic will be totally behind us, we can see some light ahead, thanks to the availability of vaccines.

Like many of you, our team has struggled to do our jobs with the public health crisis hovering over us. Add the uncertainty, periodic quarantines and sickness of staff, and it became a true test of our fortitude.

Perhaps, for that reason, I’ve never been prouder of our team. They have managed to keep our customers warm and safe despite dealing with many personal challenges themselves. We’ve always had a do-whatever-it-takes culture here, and it has served us well through the pandemic.

Please feel free to contact us, either by phone or through our website, if we can help you in any way this spring.

Mark Gagnon, President