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Save money and energy with an indirect water heater

save moneyDid you know that heating water for your appliances and taps accounts for an average of 18 percent of your monthly energy bill? That’s what the U.S. Department of Energy says – and they ought to know.

But what if you could heat your water for substantially less – or even free for at least part of the year? You can when you install an indirect water heater.

An indirect water heater works by using the heat already being generated by your boiler or furnace to also heat the water in your home; during the winter, when your heating system is running anyway, you get free hot water.

But lower energy bills is only one benefit of choosing an indirect-fired water heater. Others include:

  • Less complicated service – When you combine water and space heating, you only have one burner to service.
  • Faster recovery times – Indirect hot water heaters usually have faster recovery rates (the time it takes to re-heat a tank of water) than typical water heater, since they use the high Btu output of the furnace or boiler as a heat source.
  • Greater durability – Since it uses no direct flame, stress in an indirect heater is significantly reduced, making them very durable with a long life expectancy.

P. Gagnon & Son features top quality indirect water heaters from today’s most trusted brands. We’ll install your equipment quickly and correctly, so you can right to enjoying the benefits of this smart, money saving solution.

Of course, an indirect water heater isn’t right for everyone – which is why we offer a wide range of high-efficiency water heaters, including tankless water heater models from Rinnai can save you 30 percent or more on your water heating energy bill. Our expert staff will work with you to find a model that meets your needs and budget.

An indirect water heater can be a great choice – especially when paired with a high-efficiency boiler or furnace as the heat source. Contact P. Gagnon & Son today for a FREE, no obligation estimate on an indirect-fired water heater – or any other water heater – for your Southern Maine or Seacoast, NH-area home.