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Safely Handling Your Propane Grill Tank

Enjoy summer grilling without worry

propane tank refill Ogunquit, me When powering your grill, firepit, or other outdoor devices, propane grill tank cylinders are a convenient and practical option. However, it is crucial to follow safety measures for storing, handling, and using them.

First up is storage. Propane cylinders should never be stored inside or in enclosed or covered areas such as garages, sheds, carports, or sunporches. It is important to store propane cylinders in a dry outdoor area that is sheltered from the sun and off the ground to prevent rusting. Do not store them on the ground as this could cause rust. For safety purposes, propane cylinders should be kept far away from any flames or ignition sources, including the grill.

If you use propane for your grill, make sure to keep the grill clean and empty the grease trap regularly. Excess grease is one of the most common reasons for a grill fire.

How to replace your grill tank

Many local retail establishments such as grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, and home and garden stores offer propane tank refill and exchange services.

When you need a full tank, make sure to follow these steps for a safe and easy process.

Remove the grill tank from the grill. Before disconnecting the propane tank from the grill, make sure to turn off the grill and close the valve on the tank. To unscrew the pressure regulator of your grill, rotate it counterclockwise, remembering the phrase “Lefty loosy, righty tighty”. Before you try to remove the cylinder, check whether your grill has a restraining bolt. If there is one, loosen it before proceeding. Take the cylinder out of the storage compartment.

Make your grill tank exchange. Keep the grill tank secure and upright while transporting it. While you may think the tank is empty, there may be enough liquid propane inside it to leak if it’s on its side. To ensure safety, please leave the empty cylinder you wish to exchange outside the store near the storage cages where the full cylinders are located. Do not bring the empty cylinder inside the store. To get a new cylinder for your grill, go to the customer service department and ask for a replacement. The clerk will process your purchase at the counter and then take you to the storage cage. They will exchange your empty cylinder for a full one and you’re on your way home with a full tank for your grill!

Install your new grill tank. Connecting your new tank to the grill is simple once you’re home. First, place the new cylinder into the storage compartment and secure it using the restraining bolt if your grill has one. Then, attach the pressure regulator to the cylinder valve and turn it to the right until it’s fully tightened. To perform a leak test, follow these steps:

  1. Apply soapy water to the valve of the tank and the grill’s regulator/hose.
  2. Open the valve on the tank.
  3. If you see bubbles in the soapy water, this could indicate a leak or loose connection. Close the valve.
  4. Check that all connections are tightly secured and re-open the valve.
  5. If bubbles continue to appear, it may be necessary to replace either the hose or the tank.

Do you have questions about propane safety? Get in touch with P. Gagnon & Son and we’ll be happy to help!