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Reliable Propane Delivery Where and When You Need It

Pot above flame

Posted: October 23, 2017

You can use clean, green propane for so many things around your home – it can cook your meals, heat your water, even light your fire pit.

It’s economical, too – in part because it’s one of the most efficient fuels around, but also because it’s so readily available here in the U.S. (more than 90 percent of the propane we use is produced domestically, and most of the rest is produced in Canada).

But none of those benefits matter if you can’t get the propane you need when you need it, in any weather.

That’s where we come in.

We have our own on-site bulk storage tanks, which means we’ll always have plenty of propane on hand for you. And we keep our fleet weatherized and in tip-top shape all season long so our expert delivery teams can get to you in any weather.

Bottom line: you’ll never have to worry that we will run short, or that there will be any interruption in your supply.

With the 2017-18 heating season about to begin in earnest, we want you to know that P. Gagnon & Son has your back – and we are always on call for you with the prompt, professional fuel deliveries and expert equipment service you need.

For reliable propane delivery in the Seacoast area, trust the experts at P. Gagnon & Son. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did!