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Providing Price Stability in an Uncertain Market

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Posted: April 2, 2015

Oil prices fell sharply in the fall and early winter, reaching their lowest point in six years. However, a bitter cold February pushed up demand and prices ticked upward again. This shows that there is still volatility in the energy markets.

It’s also the reason many of our customers stay enrolled in our SimplePay Plan. Once you’re in this monthly payment plan, you’ll never pay a big delivery bill again. It’s easier to plan ahead when you know what your monthly fuel expenses will be. And there is no fee to join! (If you are already a SimplePay member, your monthly payments should be lower this year!)

Simple Pay also gives you the option of adding a price cap. You never pay more than the cap, and you will pay a lower amount when market prices fall below the cap. This past winter, price cap customers saved an average of a dollar per gallon!

It should get even better. For the coming heating season—if prices remain stable–you should be able to lock into a cap that’s the lowest we’ve offered in years!

Enrollment has already begun! Our customer service representatives are always available to help you choose the pricing and payment options that you think will provide you with the most peace of mind. Please feel free to contact us at any time to request more information or visit our price protection page for additional details.