Automatic Propane Delivery

Our FREE automatic delivery service prevents propane run-outs

The best way to prevent propane run-outs is with our automatic delivery program! You don’t have to call us, because we know just when to deliver your propane. Our computer system tracks your patterns of propane use and monitors outdoor temperatures. Here are some common questions we get about this program.

Q: Will I use more propane when I receive automatic deliveries?

A: No. We can’t deliver more propane than your tank holds—full is full.

Q: Will it cost me more?

A: Absolutely not. First, this service is free. Plus, you don’t pay any more for your propane than if you had called for a delivery.

Q: Can I combine automatic delivery with SimplePay?

A: Yes. Most people do exactly that because it’s so convenient. You don’t have to worry about calling for your propane and you always make one low monthly payment, no matter how much propane you use.


Q: Can I go back to calling for my propane if I don’t like automatic delivery?

A: Of course. But we’ve found that once customers try this service, they like it much better than having to watch their tank and remember to call for more propane.

We deliver to York County in Maine, including South Berwick, plus Strafford and Rockingham counties in New Hampshire.