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Your Propane Tank: How To Tell How Full (or Empty) It Really Is

how full is propane tank maine

Do you use propane in your home? If so, you know how versatile, efficient, clean-burning, and green it is.

And if you use P. Gagnon & Son as your propane delivery company, you know how reliable, safe, and professional our propane delivery service is.

But if you are not using our FREE automatic delivery option, you need to know how much propane is in your propane tank so you know when to contact us to schedule a propane delivery. We’re here today to walk you through that process and show you how automatic delivery makes getting your propane easier.

How to read a propane tank gauge

Reading your propane tank gauge is pretty straightforward. Go out to your propane tank. Look for a round dial on it. The dial usually looks like the speedometer in your car.

The numbers on the dial indicate the percentage of how full your propane tank is. For example, if the needle is on 50, your propane tank is 50% full.

A common question we get is, “When should I call to schedule a propane delivery?” If you use Will-Call delivery, we strongly recommend that you don’t ever let your tank level fall below 30% before contacting us to schedule a delivery. That helps us make sure you don’t have to worry about a run-out and the hassle that goes with it, like having to have a professional pressure test your propane tank and re-light all the pilots.

Automatic delivery: Worry-free and just plain free!

Automatic delivery of your propane by P. Gagnon & Son takes all that work and worry away! We use a state-of-the-art computer system to track your propane usage as well as the current weather. With that information, we are able to accurately predict when you will need your propane tank filled and schedule a delivery to your home before you run low.

You get peace of mind … for FREE! Why do we offer this service for free? Because by being able to fit your delivery in our delivery routes, we’re able to serve more customers more efficiently.

Contact us to enroll in automatic delivery!