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Propane Makes Grilling More Enjoyable!

Make your back yard the destination for cookouts

propane grills maineDid you know that 80% of grills in the United States are gas grills, and most of those are powered by propane?

There are multiple reasons why propane is so popular for grilling, whether it’s for a quick weeknight supper or having family and friends over for a Fourth of July cookout.

While propane cylinders are easy and convenient, there’s another option when it comes to grilling with propane. You can have a line run from your home’s propane tank to your installed grill! With reliable propane delivery from P. Gagnon, you’ll be able to grill whenever you like, even in January, without any worries about how much propane is in your cylinder.

Here are some of the reasons propane is the way to go for grilling.

Food’s on the table fast

It’s been a busy day and everyone’s hungry. With charcoal, you’ll be waiting possibly a half-hour or longer before you can grill. Propane grills are ready for your food in less than five minutes! Once dinner’s over, all you have to do is turn off the grill, turn off the propane supply valve, clean off the grates, and you’re done! No waiting, no dealing with the mess that ashes create.

You’re in charge

One of the greatest advantages that propane has over charcoal is the ability to control the flame and temperature of your grill. This allows you to grill a complete meal quickly. You can set one side for higher-heat foods like burgers and steaks, while grilling barbecued chicken on medium on the other side. You can also have one side set on high and one side off for indirect grilling to make ribs, pulled pork, and brisket. Some propane grills come with built-in smoker boxes. You can also get propane grills with accessories such as side burners, multiple grilling levels, and rotisserie.

You can taste the difference propane makes

With propane, you get outstanding results. One reason is the precise temperature control. You get perfectly grilled vegetable instead of them being burnt outside and raw inside. Steaks can be cooked to your desired temperature. Boneless chicken breasts, one of the more challenging meats to grill, will be grilled to a safe temperature without drying out.

Clean-burning propane allows the flavors of the food to shine rather than smothering them with the smell and taste of smoke. This is especially important with lighter foods such as fish, chicken, and fruits.

Enjoy the benefits of propane in your back yard! Contact us today to learn more.