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Propane Grilling Safety Tips For Your Home

Stay Safe This Summer!

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Summer is here and we’re loving it here in the Seacoast region. It’s time to get outside and have fun. With the coming July 4th weekend, cookout season is in full swing.

But be careful. Don’t ruin your summer fun with an accident involving your propane BBQ grill. Propane has a very strong safety record, but you need to know how to use propane and your grill properly to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Here are some tips.

  • Did you know that one in five grill fires is caused by leftover grease? Clean your grill — the whole grill, not just the grates — regularly so grease does not build up.
  • ALWAYS ignite your grill with the lid open. Keep it open until you are certain that the grill is fully lit.
  • Use the grill at least five feet from the house, outdoor furniture, trees, bushes, and anything else.
  • NEVER use your propane BBQ grill indoors or in an enclosed or covered area like a garage or carport. Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, a potentially lethal odorless and colorless gas, can build up.
  • Place the grill on a flat, level surface to prevent tipping.
  • Keep children and pets away from the grill.
  • NEVER leave a lit grill unattended.

Propane Cylinder Safety Tips

Propane cylinders are necessary for your propane BBQ grill. But they do a lot more around your home. They can run outdoor firepits, deck and patio heaters, and portable generators.
But to get these benefits, you need to know how to handle and transport them safely. Here are some key things to know.

  • When bringing your propane cylinder for exchange or refill, don’t leave it (empty or full) in your car for long periods, especially in hot weather.
  • If possible, come straight to your nearest propane cylinder exchange or refill site and go straight home. If that isn’t possible, plan your outing so that is the last stop you make before going home.
  • Always keep your cylinder upright when you are transporting it, whether it’s empty or full. Propane can leak when the cylinder is on its side.
  • Store your propane cylinder outdoors, out of direct sunlight, and not in a garage, shed, carport, or covered porch.
  • Keep your propane cylinder off bare ground, as wet ground can cause the cylinder to rust. A wood pallet is a great solution.
  • NEVER smoke while handling or near a propane cylinder.

Have questions about propane safety? Please get in touch with us. We’re happy to help!