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Plenty of Propane for You This Winter

Plenty of Propane for You This Winter

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Propane is perhaps the most versatile of all fuels, you can use it to heat your home and your patio, cook your meals, produce hot water or put a glow in your fireplace. Propane is very practical, to say the least, and — thanks to robust domestic production — very plentiful as well.

Propane gas is easy and safe to transport because it gets compressed into a liquid. We have our own on-site bulk storage tanks, which means there’s always plenty of propane for you here at P. Gagnon & Son. You’ll never have to worry that we will run short, or that there will be any interruption in your supply.

With winter now in full swing, we want you to know that P. Gagnon & Son has your back, and we are always on call for you with prompt, professional fuel deliveries and expert equipment service.