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We Are A Family-owned, Customer-focused Business

home fuel service maineIn 1904, the average weekly salary in the United States was $10.06. The price of a loaf of bread in Maine was 5 cents. A sirloin steak was 14 cents a pound. A pound of sugar cost 6 cents. A pound of butter cost 28 cents. A quart of milk delivered by a milkman (Google what a milkman is, kids) went for 6 cents.

And, in 1904, PGagnon went into business.

Obviously, a lot has changed since then. But what hasn’t changed is that PGagnon is still a family-owned business. And our commitment to being a full-service fuel company our Seacoast area customers can rely on remains steadfast.

Over the years, our products and services have evolved and our service area has grown. We’ve embraced the changes that have come in everything from HVAC equipment to digital technology that lets us provide even better service to our customers.

You don’t stay in business for 115 years without growing and adapting with the times while holding on to the values that built your business. That’s what PGagnon has done, and here are some of the things that make us special.

Get in touch with PGagnon and let us know what you need in fuel delivery and HVAC equipment installation repair and service!