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2018 Winter Newsletter

Mark Gagnon

Home Comfort by the Numbers

Dear Friends,

Recently, we had a veteran technician join P. Gagnon & Son after a brief hiatus. We’re happy to have him back! He has many years of experience in the oil and propane industries.

Elderly couple

The Oil in Your Tank Burns Cleaner

Advances in refining processes have produced ultra-low-sulfur heating oil that is better for customers in many ways.

Couple holding dog

Sensing Home Comfort Problems

Every problem has a symptom, and frequently it is accompanied by something you see, hear, smell or even feel. Follow along as Shamus, the dogged detective, uses his enhanced senses to uncover common problems you might encounter at your oil-heated or propane home.

Heavy snow

A Service Plan for Peace of Mind

We often talk about the benefits of a service plan. We thought you might want to hear from a customer whose plan helped him save.

Todd Leach and Dana Tobey


The people who work at P. Gagnon & Son are the best in the business because they care about making sure that we exceed your expectations. They also care about our community.

Child with snow shovel

Thanks in Advance!

Our drivers appreciate it so much when you plow your driveway before a fuel delivery. It makes their job a little easier and a lot safer.

Suburban home

Remember to Check Your Generator Fuel Gauge!

Thanks to a nasty storm in October, our heating season got off to a rough start, with lots of power outages. As a result, your generator’s fuel level may be lower than usual by this point.