Mixing Old and New - P. Gagnon & Son
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Mixing Old and New

Mixing Old and New

Our dedication to exceptional customer service is as old as our company. We’re proud of the wealth of experience we bring to every delivery, installation and repair. But we also embrace modern technology because it helps us to serve you even better.

That’s why we recently made a significant investment in new software and handheld computers. Our new software streamlines our routing and dispatching, ensuring that we can deliver our product and service to your home as quickly as possible. That’s also why our delivery ticket has a different look. We’ve come a long way since Robert Gagnon (Mark’s grandfather) used to write delivery information on the back of an envelope!

In addition, we’ve equipped all of our technicians and drivers with minicomputers so they can communicate with our office easily, access your service history quickly, check the availability of parts and much more. It’s all part of our continuing effort to provide you with the best service possible.