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Mini-Split Cooling Systems: 5 Advantages over Traditional Systems

Mini-split cooling system

Posted: May 20, 2016

You’ve probably seen those small indoor cooling units high up on the wall in homes, hotels, and restaurants. But what do you really know about these “mini-split” systems?

Basically, mini-split (or ductless) systems are a great, cost-effective alternative to inefficient window units, space heaters and electric baseboard heaters. They’re the top option for homes that don’t have existing ductwork, and a great option anywhere you need cool air efficiently delivered indoors.

Here are the five biggest advantages of mini-split system compared to traditional cooling systems and heat pumps:

  1. Flexibility – Unlike central heat pumps and air conditioning systems, ductless systems can direct a precise amount of cool air directly into different zones. Indoor units can be arranged where you need them, sized to the cooling load of the particular room where you place them.
  2. Savings – Ductless systems are smaller than traditional forced-air systems, so they require less energy to drive. Multi-split systems also allow homeowners to create “zones” in their home, which means they no longer have to cool or heat rooms that aren’t occupied. Tax credits and utility rebates for high-efficiency mini-split systems can bring even more savings (contact us for details on current incentives).
  3. Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – With traditional HVAC systems, air ducts have to be cleaned regularly by professionals – and even after cleaning, dust and allergens can remain behind. Ductless systems can drastically reduce dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens and other air-borne particulates.
  4. Ease of installation – Ductless systems are easier and less time consuming to install than central air conditioners. Each indoor unit runs on small pipes from the outdoor condenser unit, requiring only a small three-inch hole in your wall. There’s no need to rebuild walls or ceilings around ductwork, and no loss of precious square footage in your indoor space.
  5. Reduced carbon emissions – Small, flexible, ENERGY STAR rated ductless systems run more efficiently than central air systems. They also use a refrigerant called R410A, which is far more friendly to the ozone than other refrigerants.

Contact PGagnon today to see if a mini-split system is right for you – and to learn about incentives from Mitsubishi that can save you even more!