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Trust P. Gagnon & Son with reliable propane delivery

snow blowing for propane deliveryThere’s no way around it: Winter has a firm grip on the Seacoast region. That means keeping your home warm, safe and comfortable is paramount.
At P. Gagnon & Son, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers can feel secure in knowing that they will always get the propane they need delivered by us. To protect that peace of mind, we have a few tips.

Enroll in automatic delivery

When a cold snap descends on our area, not many of us want to have to trudge outside to check the tank gauge levels on our propane tank. You’re off the hook for that job when you have automatic propane delivery from P. Gagnon & Son. We use our state-of-the-art computer system to track your history of propane usage and combine that with current weather to estimate your propane usage and schedule a delivery before you run low.

Make sure we can deliver your propane

Shoveling and snowblowing are a lot of work, especially when there’s been a big dump of snow. But if our P. Gagnon & Son propane delivery drivers cannot safely get in your driveway, or safely get to your propane tank, we may not be able to deliver your propane. Keep the driveway cleared with a wide enough path for our trucks, keep a clear and safe path to the propane tank, and mark the location of the propane tank with a colored flag on a pole that is visible above snow drifts.

Be careful with your propane tank

A blanket of snow outside may be pretty, but it is not a good thing for your propane tank. It blocks sunlight from your propane tank, meaning it may get cold enough to reduce the pressure in your tank. If that happens, it may impact the operation of your propane appliances. Also, snow can damage fittings and joints, and make the propane tank shift on its base, all of which can cause propane leaks. A buildup of snow could create a dangerous gas buildup by blocking that leaking propane gas from dissipating out into the air. Keep the tank and the area around it clear of snow, but use a broom to clear snow because plows and shovels may damage your propane tank and its parts.

Be prepared

Do you know what to do if you smell gas? GET OUT RIGHT AWAY. Put out any candles, cigarettes or other sources of ignition. Make sure everyone leaves the house and doesn’t use any electrical switches or phones while doing so. Once you have everyone out of the house and a safe distance away, contact P. Gagnon & Son or call 911.

Enjoy all the benefits of reliable, safe propane delivery from P. Gagnon & Son. Become a customer today!