Is Heating Oil Still a Good Value?

Is Heating Oil Still a Good Value?

Good value

Oil prices have been on quite a roller-coaster ride over the past year. They increased by more than 10% early last heating season, but by spring they had fallen by about 20%.

Because crude oil — which is refined into heating oil and many other fuels — is a globally traded commodity, many different forces can drive its value up or down. The geopolitical climate can have as much of an effect on prices as the actual climate.

But if you go back and look at historical trends, you’ll find that, yes, heating oil is a good value today. Adjusting for inflation, home heating oil actually costs much less than it did years ago.

Although the oil market will always rise and fall, heating oil remains an affordable source of home energy. Plus, today’s clean-burning ultra-lowsulfur heating oil saves you money by leaving fewer deposits on heat exchangers, thus prolonging the life of your equipment and reducing out-of-pocket repairs.

Everyone wants good value — and that’s exactly what you get with oil heat.