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Why Is A Heating Service Plan Worth It?

service planA furnace or boiler is a significant investment any New Hampshire or Maine homeowner, and if you choose that equipment wisely it should keep your family warm, safe, and comfortable for many years to come.

How many years it last depends largely on keeping your equipment properly maintained by experienced, trained technicians.

Expert service is a must for your heating equipment, and the best way to get it is through a high-value propane service plan or heating oil service plan from a reputable full-service fuel company like P.Gagnon & Son.

Here are seven reasons why you should opt for a service plan for your heating system this fall:

  • You’ll save on covered repairs – Whether you choose our Comfort or Total Comfort plan, you’ll get repair coverage on many of the most vulnerable parts in your heating system.
  • You’ll save on future equipment purchase – With either of our heating plans, you are eligible to earn $50 in annual Loyalty Credits for each consecutive year you remain enrolled that you can use toward the purchase of new equipment that we install for you.
  • You’ll keep efficiency high – An unmaintained heating system loses an average of five percent efficiency every year; think about your heating bills, then look at the cost of a Service Plan and you’ll see that professional heating system maintenance will often pay for itself in energy efficiency savings alone.
  • You’ll avoid many major repairs – About four out of five heating repairs are preventable with regular annual service visits, which allow our expert heating technicians to spot small problems before they become big ones.
  • You’ll keep your warranty in place – Most warrantees require annual maintenance – a Service Plan helps you fulfill that requirement with ease.
  • You’ll keep your equipment running longer and more safely – Regular preventive care from a heating professional makes sure it keeps running safely and can extend the life of your heating system – sometimes by several years.

As you can see, enrolling in a heating service plan in NH and ME pays both now and down the road. Contact us today to enroll in an P. Gagnon & Son Service Plan and experience the benefits for yourself!