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How much can I expect to save on my energy bills with a new heating system?

If you read this blog regularly, you know how important we think professional heating system maintenance is: with regular care, your furnace or boiler can keep your Southern Maine or New Hampshire home safe and warm for more than a decade’s worth of New England winters.

But there will eventually come a point in the lifecycle of your heating equipment where the performance will drop off permanently, and often dramatically – a point where no matter how much attention your expert technician lavishes on it, your equipment won’t perform anywhere near as well as a high-efficiency upgrade.

The question is why does this happen – and just exactly how much better can a replacement heating system perform in your home?

Let’s tackle part one of that question first: back in the day, heating systems were built with thick metal components that did a pretty bad job at transferring heat – a duty central to the house-warming process. If you have a heating system like that in place – especially one whose parts are worn or wearing – your bills could be 20 percent higher than they would be if you installed a high-efficiency heating system upgrade.

With that kind of savings, your new equipment could actually pay for itself in a fairly short period of time – and give you better comfort and more peace of mind along the way.

Of course, that 20 percent improvement is not set in stone – proper size matching and smart equipment installation are critical to extracting the most out of your equipment. If you’d like to get a firmer idea about what you can expect to save with a new, high-efficiency heating system in your home, contact us today – we’ll be glad to crunch some numbers for you. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Weighing the pros and cons of a heating system replacement for your Southern Maine or Seacoast, NH home? We can help you arrive at a sensible decision. Contact our experts today to learn more about today’s high-efficiency heating systems, and how affordable they can be!