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Changes in your home affect your fuel usage

fuel usage maineSo many of our customers love our FREE Automatic Delivery option for their heating oil or propane. It’s the ultimate in ease and convenience! Once you enroll, you never have to worry about your home’s fuel supply. We do the work for you.

How does Automatic Delivery work? We employ a calculation the factors in your fuel usage history and current temperatures to accurately gauge when you’re going to need more propane or heating oil. That data allows us to schedule a delivery to your home before you run low.

But there are circumstances that lead to a change in your fuel usage. If there are changes in your home such as a new baby, a home addition, or moving to remote work, you need to let us know so we can re-calculate your Automatic Delivery schedule accordingly.

Automatic Delivery tailored to your needs

If you’re using more fuel, we’ll need to factor that into the delivery schedule for your home. If we don’t know about an increase in your fuel usage, we may not schedule your delivery on time. Conversely, if you’re using less propane or heating oil, we need to know so we don’t make unneeded deliveries to your home.

It doesn’t take much change to make a significant impact on your propane or heating oil consumption. For instance, if you normally live somewhere else during the winter months, your fuel use will substantially increase if you choose to stay at home. On the other hand, if this is your first winter as a snowbird, your fuel usage will decrease.

If you formerly worked outside the house, it’s quite likely that you lowered your thermostat during the day in the winter. You wouldn’t have been at home to use your propane water heater or range either. Now that you’re working remotely, you’ll want the house to be warm. You’ll also be using your range and water heater more often during the day. That implies you’ll need additional propane and/or heating oil.
Having a baby also affects your fuel usage. You will likely keep your home warmer, using more heating oil or propane to do so. If you use propane for water heating, you’ll be using more of it for laundry and bathing.

When elderly parents or relatives move in, your fuel usage will almost certainly go up since older people want their rooms to be warmer than the general population. You’ll also need more hot water for laundry and bathing as a result of adult children or elderly parents moving in, which will increase your propane consumption. If your children have moved out or gone to college, you will need less propane for water heating and cooking.

Contact us to learn more about or enroll in Automatic Delivery.