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Home Comfort by the Numbers

Home Comfort by the Numbers

Mark Gagnon

Dear Friends,

Recently, we had a veteran technician join P. Gagnon & Son after a brief hiatus. We’re happy to have him back! He has many years of experience in the oil and propane industries.

His return made me stop and think about the cumulative experience of our team. When I added it all up, it came to 219 years, more than two centuries’ worth of knowledge.

Having a group of skilled professionals who are among the best in the area is why you can count on P. Gagnon & Son. There isn’t much our guys haven’t seen and there’s nothing they can’t handle. It’s a big part of what makes us stand out from the competition.

We’re proud of our team and we’re dedicated to keeping that pool of knowledge strong and growing. Currently, we have two bright 18-year-olds working as apprentices — learning from our best — and we look forward to them going on to get their licenses.

We know you expect nothing but the best, including great service, starting the minute you call us. Our customerservice representatives are as courteous as our technicians, trained and experienced to get you the help you need — whether it’s for a fuel delivery or an emergency repair — quickly and courteously.

This is why customers have counted on us for 114 years — and why you can count on us for many more.


Mark Gagnon