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High Efficiency Ductless Heat Pumps – A Clean, Green Heating and Cooling Solution

Clean, green house heating

Posted: July 26, 2018

Conventional heat pump systems are known for their efficiency and ability to operate year round, providing heating and cooling for your home. But when you live in a climate like ours here in Southern Maine and New Hampshire, a conventional heat pump can perform poorly in cold temperatures.

Thank has changed thanks to technology designed and built by Mitsubishi, whose modern ductless heat pump systems offer you high efficiency comfort no matter what the season or temperature is.

How a ductless heat pump works

Much like a ductless air conditioner, a ductless heat pump consists of two units: an indoor air handler and an outdoor condenser. One condenser can control up to eight indoor units, providing a multi-zone system that can set targeted temperatures for each space in your home.

The difference between a ductless air conditioner and a ductless heat pump is that a heat pump can reverse an A/C’s heat transfer process to heat your home. Mitsubishi’s advanced INVERTER-driven compressor technology allows the unit to sense the cooling and heating needs of the space so it can provide the most efficient, cost effective operation possible.

Year-round comfort – even in the extremes

While conventional heat pumps were mostly used in mild climates, today’s advanced units can operate even extreme weather conditions; the compressors of modern heat pumps can extract from the outdoor air enough heat to warm your home even in negative outdoor temperatures.

Clean, green heating and cooling

Traditional HVAC systems can harbor microorganisms such as mold in their ductwork – an indoor air quality problem avoided altogether by a ductless system. Many of Mitsubishi’s ductless heat pump air handlers even offer advanced air filtration to further improve the air you breathe at home.

A smart choice to heat and cool your Seacoast home

With both ductless and ducted air handler options, Mitsubishi heat pump systems offer your family customizable comfort, reliability, and energy operation in any season – all from one whole-home solution.

Interested in a whole-year, whole-house ductless solution for your Seacoast-area home? We can help. Contact us to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on a Mitsubishi ductless heat pump today!