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Do You Need a Heating Upgrade or Repair?

Get an expert opinion from P. Gagnon & Son

heating service maineNow that winter is over, you probably don’t want to think about your heating system again until next fall. But now is a good time to think about it.

We strongly recommend that you get your furnace or boiler tuned up before next fall. You’ll be able to get a convenient appointment time, and, if repairs or replacement are needed your heating system will be ready no matter when the heating season begins.

If your heating system does need to be replaced, we’ll give you a FREE estimate for your new heating system and provide expert installation. Our affordable service plans help keep your heating system running smooth and at peak efficiency.

Signs of trouble with your home’s heating system

Odd noises. A properly functioning heating system tends to operate quietly. If you hear sounds like banging, popping, shrieking, rattling, or clanking, that’s a sign that something’s wrong or is about to go wrong in your heating system. Contact us for a service call.

Unusual odors. If you use heating oil, you should never smell it if your heating system is operating properly. Smelling oil could mean a leak, problems with the burner, heat exchanger failure, or exhaust system problems. A smoky smell indicates a back draft pulling flue gases through the exhaust system and into the home.

An increase in heating costs not related to fuel prices. Look over this past winter’s P. Gagnon & Son statements. Are you using more fuel than you normally would? This is a sign your heating system needs attention.

Poor performance. If your heating system is not producing enough heat, heating some rooms less than others, or, if you have a furnace, the air coming out of it feels humid, your heating system losing power. We’ll look the situation over and help you decide if you need to repair or replace.

Why replacing your heating system may be a good choice

There is a tipping point where repairs are not only delaying the inevitable, but they’re also wasting money. A good rule to go by is if repair costs are 50% or more of what a new heating system would cost, it’s time to replace.

Even if you maintain it regularly, a decades-old furnace or boiler won’t work as well as today’s modern, high-efficiency heating systems. 

How efficient are they? They can achieve efficiencies of up to 98%! This means that every dollar you spend on home heating oil or propane is spent almost entirely on heating and very little is lost through combustion. From the moment you switch on your new heating system, you’ll see a return on your investment.

Something else to consider is your plans for the next several years. If you want to sell your house in the next two or three years, investing in a new heating system now may be a wise investment. It will improve your home’s resale value and make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Is retirement on the horizon in the next years? Now is the right time to replace your heating system. You’ll not only get greater comfort and lower energy expenses, but you won’t have to worry about costly repairs, breakdowns, or replacements when you will be on a fixed income.

Now is a great time to get your home’s heating system tuned up. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!