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Heating Service Plans Save You Money

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Protect your investment with a P. Gagnon & Son service plan!

The time is coming here in the Seacoast region when we’ll be turning on the heat in our homes … and keeping it on.

This coming winter is predicted to be colder and snowier than recent winters. Is your home’s furnace or boiler up to the job of keeping your home warm, safe, and comfortable through that?

We have a way to help you make sure that it is: A P. Gagnon & Son heating service plan!

There are heating service plans for both oil-fired and propane heating systems.

How does a heating service plan save me money?

A heating service plan is a way to protect your investment in your home heating system.

Our service plans all include an annual maintenance tune-up. This keeps your furnace or boiler running at its best possible efficiency, saving you on energy costs.

That tune-up also gives our knowledgeable, experienced service technician the chance to thoroughly inspect your heating system, so they can discover and repair any problems before they become worse and lead to breakdowns and more costly repairs.

With regular, professional maintenance, the life of your furnace or boiler can be extended by years. And when you consider that the cost to replace a furnace is about $4,400 and the cost for replacing a boiler is about $5,700, you want to put that cost off as long as possible!

Annual professional maintenance is required by many manufacturer’s warranties. So, our tune-ups may help keep your warranty in effect and protect you further from big repair bills.

Speaking of repairs, that’s where our service plans can really save you some big bucks!

There is no charge for parts and labor for dozens of repair jobs. And if you upgrade to our Total Comfort service plans, even more repairs are covered, there’s no diagnostic fee, and there is no after-hours charge for no-heat emergencies!

With our service plans, you also get priority service for no-heat emergencies, and a $50 Loyalty Credit.

We also help you save by offering water heater coverage for both oil-fired and propane water heaters, and Tank Sure insurance for aboveground heating oil tanks.

Contact us today to learn more about our service plans!