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What Is Heating Oil Tank Protection?

P. Gagnon & Son helps protect you from costs of heating oil tank failure

oil tank insurance maine If your home’s heating oil tank is close to or has already surpassed its life expectancy of 20 years, it’s time to begin planning for a replacement.

Whatever the age of your heating oil tank, TankSure® heating oil tank protection is a great investment in protecting your heating oil tank and protecting you from large costs that can come with a heating oil tank failure.

Our affordable TankSure plan includes an annual inspection to detect heating oil tank corrosion, the leading cause of heating oil tank failure, along with an $1,800 tank replacement warranty.

How much can a heating oil tank failure cost?

Replacing your heating oil tank can cost you a lot of money if you are making the replacement because of a tank failure. First, you need to pay for the removal and disposal of your current tank, along with soil contamination tests. You then need to pay for the installation of your new heating oil tank.

If the soil testing results indicate that heating oil has contaminated your property, you may be looking at costly remediation fees. Even a minimal amount of contaminated soil can cause thousands of dollars in remediation costs.

There is more bad news: Unfortunately, most homeowner’s insurance does not cover expenditures for a heating oil tank failure, leaving you with sole responsibility for those costs.

A Massachusetts family was at risk of losing their home earlier this year after a heating oil tank failure led to remediation costs of more than $150,000.

TankSure tank protection can help prevent that from happening to you, thanks to the annual inspections allowing us to detect problems before your heating oil tank fails, allowing you the opportunity to replace your tank.

UltraGuard: Even more tank protection!

P. Gagnon & Son also helps keep your heating oil tank operating safely thanks to our premium quality heating oil. First, it contains biodiesels, made from natural resources such as plant oils and algae.

We go further by treating our heating oil with UltraGuard, an additive that not only is good for your oil-fired heating system, but it also is good for your heating oil tank! It reduces fungal and bacterial growth, and protects your tank from corrosion from the inside out, which is a leading cause of heating oil tank failure.

You can enjoy the benefits of our top-quality heating oil and have peace of mind about your heating oil tank as well as your heating oil supply with P. Gagnon & Son’s Automatic Delivery option. We use the latest software along with a tried-and true calculation to calculate your heating oil usage based on your prior usage and current weather conditions. With that calculation, we accurately know when you’ll need more heating oil and schedule a delivery before you run low. You don’t have to check your tank gauge or make a delivery request; we handle it all!

Don’t let a heating oil tank failure break the bank. Contact P. Gagnon & Son today to learn more about our TankSure® program.