Go Tankless, Get 50 Gallons of Propane!

Go Tankless, Get 50 Gallons of Propane!

Rinnai propane tankless water heater

Purchase a Rinnai propane tankless water heater by Nov. 15, 2017, and we’ll give you 50 free gallons of propane. Contact us for details.

The average household in the United States uses about 65 gallons of hot water each day. Are you paying more than you should to keep all that hot water flowing?

If you had a tankless propane water heater, you could stop worrying. By operating only when hot water is needed (and not using a pilot light), a tankless system can drastically cut your water heating bills.

Here are other benefits:

  • unlimited hot water. Imagine never running out of hot water in the shower — even if the dishwasher and the washing machine are running at the same time!
  • an easy fit. Tankless systems can be mounted on the wall; the units are about the size of a suitcase, which means we can put them in crawl spaces, attics, closets and other tight areas.
  • better for the environment. Tankless units generate 50% to 60% lower carbon dioxide emissions than electric storage tank systems.

Want to go tankless? Contact us today to request a free estimate.