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Shocking spike in fuel prices is hurting all of us - Click Here.

Gain More Control—and Save Money Too

With so much uncertainty still surrounding us, having a little more predictability in your life — as well as some savings — is sure to make you smile. Please consider taking advantage of these convenient options.

  • Spread out your payments. Enroll in SimplePay, which spreads out your fuel payments over as long as 14 months. The sooner you sign up, the lower your monthly payments will be.
  • Add a price cap. The beauty of a cap is that it prevents your price from rising over a certain amount, but also allows you to pay less if market prices fall.
  • Make automatic payments. For added convenience, we can charge your credit card for your monthly payment or you can authorize your bank to pay us directly through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Get a $20 account credit when you enroll in Auto Pay!*
  • Paperless billing. Ask us to start sending your billing statements electronically. Reduce paper clutter and end your worries about misplaced or late bills. Get a $20 account credit when you switch to paperless billing.*

*Valid for new enrollees only.