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Is Fall the Perfect Time to Fill Your Propane Tank?

P. Gagnon & Son make sure you have the propane you need

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There are a lot of great things about fall here in the Seacoast region. One of those things is the crisp, cool days that are just made for activities like apple-picking, hayrides, and hikes in the beautiful woods.

In all the fun, don’t forget one necessary task: getting your home’s propane tank filled by P. Gagnon & Son. Doing it now makes send in a few ways.

Many of us put off doing things. But when people do this with their propane delivery in the fall, they all want a propane delivery around the same time. There may be a waiting period due to the amount of demand.

But if you don’t procrastinate and have your propane delivered now, you beat that stampede! You’ll get prompt delivery. You won’t have to worry about running out of propane if we get an early cold snap. That also means that you’ll have no need for an emergency propane delivery and won’t have to deal with all of the hassle and expense that come with it.

Automatic Propane Delivery: Easy and worry-free!

It’s a good idea to join our Automatic Delivery program when scheduling your fall propane tank fill-up. It’s the greatest method to safeguard yourself from a propane runout.

Here’s how Automatic Delivery works: We utilize a computer system to keep track of your propane usage and take current weather conditions into account in order to predict when you will require a propane delivery. We then schedule a delivery to your home before you run low.

You no longer have to worry about going outside to check your propane tank gauge levels (something you’ll appreciate in January) or calling us to schedule a delivery. No work, no worries!

Automatic Delivery is FREE! Why do we offer this upgraded service for free? Because it allows us to more efficiently serve you by only delivering propane when you need it, streamline our delivery schedules so we can serve as many of our customers as possible each day, and be even more responsive to customers who need emergency service.

Automatic Delivery gives you the security of always having the propane your home needs. Contact us today to enroll!