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Fill Your Propane Tank! Fall Is The Perfect Time.

fall propane delivery maine

Make life easier with a full propane tank!

With the beginning of fall last week, the time where we are going to have to be using the furnace or boiler to keep our homes warm isn’t far behind.

That’s why early fall is the perfect time to schedule a propane delivery with P. Gagnon & Son to your Seacoast region home!

Filling your propane tank now has advantages

We’ve all put things off. And many of your neighbors do that when it comes to filling up their propane tanks this time of year.

That leads to a stampede of propane delivery requests the first time that chilly weather in the local weather forecast. If you wait until then, you may have to wait for a propane delivery. And if your propane tank runs low, or worse, runs out, you could be facing a lot of hassle and expense that could have easily been avoided.

But by scheduling your propane delivery now, you beat the rush and thus don’t have to worry about any of that! When the first cold snap arrives, you’ll have plenty of propane to keep your home warm and comfy.

Take advantage of Automatic Delivery

Now is also the ideal time to enroll in our Automatic Delivery service!

With Automatic Delivery of your propane, you get peace of mind because you will never have to worry about a propane runout!

When you’re an Automatic Delivery customer, our computer system tracks your propane usage, and then factors in current weather conditions to accurately predict when you will need a propane delivery. That information enables us to schedule a propane delivery to your home before you run low.

Automatic Delivery is a FREE service! Why? Because we can schedule your deliveries, we can more effectively manage our propane deliveries so more of our customers have peace of mind.

You can use Automatic Delivery with our SimplePay program so you have even more control of your home’s propane usage and payments!

Contact us to learn more about and enroll in Automatic Delivery for your home’s propane!