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Electric vs. Gas Furnaces

Discover the advantages propane offers!

furnace installation south berwick, me Here in the Seacoast Region, winter weather can get pretty harsh, both in terms of storms and temperatures. You need a furnace you can trust to keep your home warm, safe, and comfortable.

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If you’re in the market for a new furnace, you may be wondering if electricity or propane gas is the right choice for your home. Let’s go through the reasons why propane gas furnaces are the way to go for comfort, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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Advantages of propane gas furnaces over electric heat pumps

According to the Department of Energy, propane home heating has become much more cost-effective than electricity in recent years. Additionally, a propane-powered furnace provides an enhanced level of warmth by heating the air up to 140° Fahrenheit, surpassing other options.

If you’ve opted for an electric heat pump, it’s likely because it’s often hailed as an efficient home heating solution. However, as you may have already experienced, a heat pump falls short when it comes to effectively warming your home during extremely cold outdoor temperatures.

Heat pumps work by extracting heat from the air outside your home (or, in the case of a geothermal heat pump, from the ground) instead of generating heat through combustion like a gas furnace.

When your heat pump draws in outdoor air, it undergoes a conversion process, turning it into a warm vapor that is then distributed throughout your house. However, the colder the outdoor air gets, the more challenging it becomes for your heat pump to perform this function effectively. Eventually, your heat pump may struggle to extract enough heat to warm your home, leading it to rely on an auxiliary heating source. Typically, this takes the form of an electric heating element, which is significantly less efficient than the heat pump itself.

A few years back, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) published a study by psychologist Frederick H. Rohles. This study highlighted the psychological and physical impact of the temperature of heated air coming through vents on our comfort. According to the study, even if the room itself is getting warmer, if the air temperature supplied through an air vent is lower than your body temperature, you will perceive it as cooling.

In other words, the air that heat pumps generate and release through your vents has an average temperature of only about 95°. While that might initially sound warm, on a bitterly cold day, having air at 95° flowing from a heating vent can feel more like a chilly draft.

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