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Early Fall: A Great Time to Take Your Heating System for a Quick Spin

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Posted: October 15, 2018

Imagine what might happen if you left your car in the driveway for 6 or 7 months without starting it – especially if it was an older car. Would you then take off on a cross country trip before starting it up and taking it for a test drive first?

That’s a pretty good analogy for what happens with a heating system that’s been sitting idle since the early spring.

Like any mechanical instrument, a heating system needs to be evaluated before it’s put to use – and the best time to put it through its paces is before you really need it.

That’s why early fall is a great time to take your furnace or boiler for a “test drive,” running it for an hour or two to see if there are any obvious problems – unexpected odors, poor airflow, or not getting warm air from your vents or heat from your baseboards, to name a few.

We all know what kind of weather is on its way to Maine in the coming months – before it does, it’s a good idea to get any issues with your heating system squared away – otherwise you might end up at the end of a long line of customers when that first blast of Seacoast air comes in and sends everyone rushing for their phone to get an appointment.

Take your heating system for a spin today and see if everything is in working order.

Then, if you have an oil-fired heating system, why not schedule a tune-up and tank inspection today (or sign up for a P. Gagnon Heating Oil Service Plan to get a tune-up and much more, including priority service in severe weather) so you can enjoy peace of mind through the long fall and winter? And don’t worry, propane users, we’ve got you covered with our P. Gagnon Propane Service Plan, too.

Bitter weather is on its way to New England– beat the crowds and schedule your routine heating system maintenance before the first cold snap! Contact us today to schedule your heating system preventive maintenance or repair.