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Dealing With Flood Damage To Propane Equipment

What to do if water gets near your propane appliances

propane appliance floodingThere is no season for floods. Every season — winter, spring, summer, fall — can be flood season.

Sometimes floods take time to develop, even days. Flash floods can happen in minutes. And floods can happen virtually anywhere.

Floods create costly damage. An average of $4.6 billion in damage is done every year to homes and businesses in the United States.

At P. Gagnon and Son, we want to make sure our Seacoast region customers — who are also our friends and neighbors — know how to put safety first when it comes to flooding and their propane appliances. That’s why we’ve created an easy to follow list for you.

A post-flood to-do list for propane appliances

  1. If you smell gas, or see bubbles in standing water, extinguish all flames and smoking materials and get everyone away from the house IMMEDIATELY. Wait until you are safely away before calling P. Gagnon & Son or 911.
  2. If it’s safe to remain at your home, look for visible structural damage in and outside the house.
  3. Check your propane tank and the area around it for downed power lines, damaged gas lines, or damage to the propane tank.
  4. DO NOT relight the pilot lights on your propane appliances.
  5. Shut off the service valve at the propane tank and call P. Gagnon & Son for a service call.
  6. A big problem in flooding situations is propane regulators and controls being damaged. That’s why we recommend a complete and thorough inspection of the entire system.
  7. Because water damage to propane appliances isn’t always visible or apparent, P. Gagnon & Son will make sure that all the valves and regulators are working as they should and that the propane gas lines are pressurized.

Check out our Propane Safety page for more information about propane safety for your Seacoast home.

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