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COVID-19 Service Update

Updated 3-17-2020

For our employees, customers and vendors safety our offices are now closed. However we are still operational, all other services we provide will continue. We can be reached 24 hours a day at 384-2213. You can make payments, order fuel, and have access to your account from our website. Stay safe and we will all get through this together!

Greetings from 215 Main St.

Getting in touch today to discuss how P. Gagnon and Son is responding to COVID 19 outbreak.

We have a very real responsibility to do due everything within our power to safeguard the health of our customers and employees while continuing to keep you safe and comfortable.

We will continue our day to day operations, including fuel deliveries, annual tune ups, service calls and equipment installations. With that in mind, our employees have been provided with operational guidelines based on the best information available regarding social distancing and hygiene procedures as well as the supplies needed to do the right thing.

Our office staff has been instructed to ask all customers who need an employee to enter their home or business if everyone is healthy and free of symptoms. If there is any chance of COVID 19 being present, our team is expected to maintain a safe distance from the possibly infected person at all times and to access the house via bulkheads or alternative access when possible. Possibly ill persons should retreat to another part of the premises while our representative is there. Social distancing and proper hygiene appear to be the most important steps we can all take.

Please have a look at You can pay bills, order fuel, and keep track of your account online if you’d like. We also have a mail slot just inside our front door and to the right that is accessible 24 hours a day.

We will continue to monitor this challenging situation very closely and take whatever steps are needed to help keep everyone safe.

Mark Gagnon

President, P. Gagnon and Son.